One More Sleep!

Parents and Caregivers,

Students won’t be the only ones having the jitters before bed tonight!  Today as I walk around the school I can feel the excitement and anticipation of our staff as they prepare for the arrival of students tomorrow.  Staff have spent the past 3 days planning, collaborating, attending meetings and professional development opportunities.  You can check out the interview that our very own, Ms. Toews, did regarding start up with CJME by clicking this link.

A reminder of our procedure for the first day:

All students who are already registered will be on the playground until 8:53 AM.  At that time the Kindergarten to Grade 2 students will be escorted into the school where they will learn who their teacher will be for the school year.  Students in Grades 3 to 8 will remain on their designated playground where they will learn who their teacher will be for the school year.  In the event of inclement weather, all students will meet in the gym.  We will have plenty of staff on hand to ensure students are greeted from the busses, taxis, and parent vehicles and walked to their designated playground area.

Students that are not already registered should come to the school office where staff will assist you through the registration process.

Our community continues to grow, and due to this growth we will be welcoming many new families to W.F. Ready.  Some of the student registrations have increased class sizes significantly.  Please note that we are monitoring registrations closely and will make decisions about possible classroom adjustments following the long weekend.  There is a high probability that all classes will have adjustments to the number of students over the course of the first two weeks of school.  We will strive to provide our families with up to date communication on these decisions.

For those of you returning to our school, a reminder that my priority the first days of school will be helping to settle our students and welcome our new families.  If you are wishing to speak with me, kindly call the office and Mrs. Leskun will arrange a time for us to meet.

I look forward to seeing all of our students arrive for the first day of school tomorrow!

Mrs. Balkwill




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